Saturday, August 21, 2010


okay before any diet starts,  we must set goals!

current weight?
i just weighed myself, oo i'm 64kg NOW....two months ago kint 71kg
i did a lovely starvation diet, oo 6e7t bas al7en 9arly yimkin a month 3la standstill oo my weight isnt moving anymore


body-mass index? (weight divided by the squared height in meters)
BMI of less than 18 is underweight
BMI between 20 - 25 is optimum
BMI between 25 - 30 is overweight
and above 30 is OBESE ;p

problem areas?
generally,  my weight tends to accumulate in the upper half of my body, between arms and shoulders and back and tummy :( i wear 2 sizes bigger shirts than i do pants ;p and have been referred to as an inverted triangle quite a few times;p
i love the rest of my body though....i think all those extra kilos are especially accumulated in my tummy :( which sucks because it makes dresses/button-down shirts just yuckie :'(
eating habits?
i'm ignoring the one i have now ;p but inshallah once i start uni in september, i'll get my usual routine back.
long day in the hospital. no time for snacks and no place for healthy home-made food. my usual would be coffee in the morning and lunch and/or dinner out...usually junk food :$

again very busy...the only exersice i get is running around the time for gym...
i had a gym membership last year, and i could count the number of times i went there on one hand...but i do love to exersice, i just dont have time

target weight?
i was 55kg in june 2008, and i looked great. ofcourse back then, i said 'no i want another 2-3kg'....but what happened by the end of that summer vacation was that i gained a massive amount of weight, leaving me at 71kg by october 2008

im hoping to officially start dieting when i start uni once again, but i figured setting some goals from now would be nice ;)

now all you lovely people need to copy/paste these questions and answer them yourselves in the comments section, so you can know what you're aiming at before we get started ;)

feel free to post as anonymous if you're shy ;p


Aurous said...

current weight?

163 cm

body-mass index? (weight divided by the squared height in meters)

problem areas?
let's just say that I'm a triangle, but not inverted :p

eating habits?
no habits now... I'll see what happens in September when I start uni again!

sedentary ;p

target weight?

I realize it's not much.. but it's Ramadan and I'm bound to gain a few kilos now... and without exercising, I'm not burning anything and only gaining weight from what I eat!

Standy said...

current weight?
75 (i think)

161 cm

body-mass index?
you do that for me =)

problem areas?
i gain most of the wieght on my thighs and ASS!! which i hate!

eating habits?
junk, more junk, and fries and hot dog and nice juciy fatty food and chips =D

hm,, work, 8 hours sitting and another 8 hours on the tv and 8 hours sleeping =)

target weight?
65 kg


rememeber when we started this blog, i managed to reach up 68! and that was last year Feb on my sisters wedding!! my wedding i was around 72 maybe so it wasnt bad you know! but now, i wont be supprised if i hit 80!!


zuz said...

current weight: 53

height: 156

problem areas: my tummy :@

target weight: 49

Lost b2amreeka. said...

current weight: 76 last time I weighed myself and I've lost weight since ramadan started so maybe 74-75? not sure.

height? 164cm

body-mass index? if i did the math right im TWENTY EIGHT yil3an khairy i'm almost obese!!!! *dies a lil inside*

problem areas? e7m chest (fihmay 3ad :P) wallah!! im a size 14 bas lazim albis 16 w fog bs cuz of tht. it sucks cuz makes me look so much BA66A-ER cuz i'm wide. I'm 3aks all girls my tummy is tiny w mashdood bs my prob is back arms shoulders & thighs.

eating habits? i too am ignoring the one right now cuz it's ramadan and they differ so much!! Bs at uni it's like coffee in the morning, sandwich for lunch at uni and then 5arabee6 (junk food &/ chips &/ 7ab :P) w hal swalif! I crave salty foods WAYED! never chocolate! chocolate is yuck sometimes, except when it's icecream, yummmmm.

lifestyle; depends on the semester but next semester I think it's busy busy busy..! and I plan on joining the volleyball team so maybe i'll move more starting sept :P and if that doesnt work definitely joining a gym!!

target weight? for now it's 65. but my all time target weight is 60.

I WANNA DIET SO BAD! My nutritionist gave me a really amazing diet a few months back and I did it for 2 weeks straight w i lost some weight (never weighed myself cuz ma7ad 5allany) but the difference was obvious. So if you want I can send that to youuu! Butt it's based on my likings and stuff so it barely has anything sweet in it (except a few dates here and there.) if ur interested let me know and i'll try to dig it up for u :P

ok im done with my weight ti7il6im :(

Shelsalfa? said...

current weight?


problem Areas?
my tummy !!!

target weight?


Cashmere.Poison said...

I'm underweight, not gonna say how much, but I am. It's rare on my mom's side and now they want me to gain weight. My body isn't that skinny! (I'm 152 cm so I have to make up for that xD)