Saturday, August 21, 2010


okay before any diet starts,  we must set goals!

current weight?
i just weighed myself, oo i'm 64kg NOW....two months ago kint 71kg
i did a lovely starvation diet, oo 6e7t bas al7en 9arly yimkin a month 3la standstill oo my weight isnt moving anymore


body-mass index? (weight divided by the squared height in meters)
BMI of less than 18 is underweight
BMI between 20 - 25 is optimum
BMI between 25 - 30 is overweight
and above 30 is OBESE ;p

problem areas?
generally,  my weight tends to accumulate in the upper half of my body, between arms and shoulders and back and tummy :( i wear 2 sizes bigger shirts than i do pants ;p and have been referred to as an inverted triangle quite a few times;p
i love the rest of my body though....i think all those extra kilos are especially accumulated in my tummy :( which sucks because it makes dresses/button-down shirts just yuckie :'(
eating habits?
i'm ignoring the one i have now ;p but inshallah once i start uni in september, i'll get my usual routine back.
long day in the hospital. no time for snacks and no place for healthy home-made food. my usual would be coffee in the morning and lunch and/or dinner out...usually junk food :$

again very busy...the only exersice i get is running around the time for gym...
i had a gym membership last year, and i could count the number of times i went there on one hand...but i do love to exersice, i just dont have time

target weight?
i was 55kg in june 2008, and i looked great. ofcourse back then, i said 'no i want another 2-3kg'....but what happened by the end of that summer vacation was that i gained a massive amount of weight, leaving me at 71kg by october 2008

im hoping to officially start dieting when i start uni once again, but i figured setting some goals from now would be nice ;)

now all you lovely people need to copy/paste these questions and answer them yourselves in the comments section, so you can know what you're aiming at before we get started ;)

feel free to post as anonymous if you're shy ;p

Thursday, August 12, 2010


okay my lovelies...

who has lots of weight to put off and will be joining me? ;p

Friday, May 29, 2009

missing in action?

Adree I’ve been missing for a while now, bs wallah life has been so freaking hectic lately, its not even funny =(

So what has dandooona been upto?

Well, I joined a gym about 2 weeks ago. Been going there regularly every single day for ATLEAST an hour.

Am I losing weight?

Nope…I’ve gained a kilogram though =\

I went from 68 to 69 =(

which brings me to my second point about the diet…

Have I been sticking to our lovely diet here?


no =(

butttttt butttttt butttttt!!

I have an excuse!

You see, after I started going to the gym, I’ve realized that I’ve been eating nearly three times as much! Mo junk food or anything, bs ena I’ve been eating wayed wayed wayed!

My trainer told me its normal to overeat for a while until my body gets used to this new energy expenditure that it hasn’t been used to…f aim chillazing ;)

Bs el7amdella 9arly 2 days al7en ga3da akel nafs human beings mo starved African animals ;Pp

I havent had any junk food for 2 weeks now!!

And, apart from the snickers icecream that was calling my name from the freezer that I had yesterday, I havent had any chocolates since 2 weeks!

Do I hear someone clapping?



Elmohem, I’ll hopefully be back soon, bs 5al aftak mn el alf exam eli I have left hehe ;)

missing my diet mates ;**

Friday, May 8, 2009

day #12

1pm --> 12inch chicken teryaki subway with caesar dressing + 2 pieces of an aero bar


ee ive been feeling guilty =(

and well, i just slept through the day and woke up this morning ;Pp


we have a new member onboard!!

CURLY CURLS 7ayyach allah weyana! its never too late ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

day #9, 10, 11

doona has been baaaaaad =(

first of all, i wanna apologize for not posting for the past few days, bs wallah i've been seriously seriously busy, its not even funny

(and for those of you who are gonna retaliate and say i posted on my other blogs....well, i couldnt not update anything hehe ;)

secondly, i wanna apologize for what you're going to hear next...

dooona has been really really bad =(

day #9

1.5 fatayer from za3tar oo zait (turkey and za3tar)




one gooey sunday mn choco bar =\

(dont kill me...please dont kill me)

tadroon shino? kill me...kill me now...its gets worse!

day #10

pesto chicken sandwich oo skimmed latte




re7t el cinema oo 5athait caramel popcorn


large mo medium


oo kalaita bro7y killa


raddait elbait oo kalait 2 chicken nuggets sandwich and fries =\

still want to kill me?
wait till you hear this...

day #11

whopper meal mn BK


it counts that i took a diet coke weyahom, 9a7?

please say 9a7? =(

enzain oo b3dain 5athait skimmed cappucino...ana elhealthy ya3ny 3araftaw ;Pp

oo b3dain al7en im eating two toast grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches

oo ya7lailha standy 3abalha ana blfridge...laa laaa ya mama ana adesh eb8uwa!! chan zain fridge!! agoolich fries oo caramel oo choco bar!!

you can all start zeffing